User roles

a. Local Government Units go on field, collect and submit data for City Planning's Research and Statistics Division.

b. Local Government Offices submits data for City Planning's Project Monitoring and Evaluation Division.

Data Policy

Your local government through Lorax Web and Mobile app collects and use the following information to provide, improve and monitor your City:


Your local government submits, and associate with your information like first name, last name, demographic indicators, housing indicators, location which will be used to analyze trends, statistics and integrate Lorax machine learning for predictive analysis.


All information provided through Lorax is stored in secured data center in Australia, the Australian Pacific Data Centres (APDC), utilises the best data providers, and allows Lorax to deliver higher uptime and remarkable reliability and security.

The Lorax software engineering team is dedicated to keep all information secured and tested for vulnerabilities, and accessible to authorized personnel only.

We also continue to work on features to keep your information safe in addition to things like encryption of files at rest.

  • Your data is yours.
  • You can reach us if you want to edit, delete or export your data.
  • Lorax will not and can not sell your personal data to third party apps, and does not wish to do so.
  • Your City Offices will use the Lorax Algorithm along with your data to make better policies and decision making towards Sustainable Development.


The types of data collected are all under these Sustainable Development Indicators:

  • Demographics
  • Economic
  • Social
  • Environment
  • Infrastructure
  • Administratiom
  • City Program and Projects


The Cities hold the right and approval of what data to disseminate through Lorax, as the city executives and their expertise running their own Cities know what indicators are to be opened or to be private, ensuring a productive, safe, and transparent society — focusing on local government progress which can overall give a dramatic impact in our planet.

Lorax is committed in placing integrity, authenticity and responsibility as the center of what the team intends to push and innovate.

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Have questions or concerns about Lorax and privacy? Contact us at [email protected]