Data is an essential and virtual form of infrastructure that local government offices and the general public should use. This gives the chance to build better cities but also the fallback that the general public loses trust, not just in data or facts but also in local governments. One of the solutions for this is to better data ethics. The choices made about what data is collected and how it is used should not be unfair, discriminatory or deceptive. This digital ecosystem has these identical aspirations.

Data Sources

One of Lorax Digital Ecosystem’s primary functions is to aid Barangay and the City Planning Office in the Barangay Profiling System and Better data technology for programs and projects. In this system, the local government can use the Lorax app to survey Sustainable Development Indicators such as:

  • Land Use - residential/commercial/institutional/agricultural/forest;
  • Household vs Structure - concrete/semi concrete/light materials/shanty;
  • Basic Literacy per Household;
  • Occupation per household
  • Social Security per Household;
  • Child Immunization Schemes;
  • Environmental Constraints per Household - flooded/storm surge/landslide/clogged canals/polluted water/sea level rise/soil erosion/smoke belching establishment/sanitation/toxic waste/illegal fishing/forest fire;
  • Business Establishments;
  • Households with electricity;
  • Households with access to Clean Water; and
  • Households with Internet Access.

The Research and Statistics Division (RSD) rely on the accuracy and precision of the barangay profile data and the Project Monitoring Division (PMD) rely on the quality and efficiency of data from different city offices. The RSD quality checks, monitors and supplies the aforementioned data while PMD organizes these data, aggregate or desegregate them for monitoring and reporting programs and projects.

Sharing this Data with other Organizations

The Lorax App facilitates data management and technology by enabling the local government to maintain their demographic, economic, social, environment, programs and projects data as complete and up-to-date as possible. Project Monitoring Division under the City Planning Office shares this Data to City Executives and other different offices within the City that may need the specific data. While Research and Statistics Division under the City Planning Office shares this data to City Executives, National or local agencies and to the public with certain conditions depending on the level of data.

Rights over Data Sources

The aforementioned data is collected directly from residents of a barangay by Local Government Units. All information provided through Lorax is stored in a secured data center in Australia which is the Australian Pacific Data Centres (APDC). It utilizes the best data providers and allows Lorax to deliver higher uptime and remarkable reliability and security. Lorax continues to work on features to keep the information safe in addition to things like encryption of files at rest. The following are being considered: The resident’s data is the resident’s data. When they submit data, it will be encrypted to the Lorax server. The resident or the City Planning office can reach Lorax if they want to edit, delete or export any particular data. Lorax will not and cannot sell the resident and the City’s data to third-party apps, and does not wish to do so. The City holds the right and approval of what data to disseminate, what data indicators are to be opened or to be private ensuring a productive, safe and transparent sustainable development. Lorax Assistant is committed to placing integrity, authenticity, and responsibility as the center of what the team intends to push and innovate.

Reasons for using this Data

Sustainable Development, as defined by the World Commission on Environment and Development, is the capacity to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainable Development must balance the needs of society, the economy, and the environment. Sustainable Development Indicators, on the other hand, are various statistical values or data that collectively measure the capacity to meet present and future needs. These data will provide information crucial to decisions of national policy and to the general public.

Communicating the Purpose

The core function of Lorax is to offer digital ecosystem with descriptive & predictive analysis, reliable and secured management of data. This system provides the Barangay a mobile application to enable barangay workers to do a household and housing survey without the need of the internet. It also provides a web-based application for City Offices to submit their programs and projects updates. This purpose will be disseminated through reports and case studies, intergovernmental requests, public presentations and forums.

Negative Effects on People

Digitization and Open Data can invite political opposition and almost always expose barangays, programs and projects that need improvement. It could be a politically difficult process for City Mayors and City Executives. Also, the use of the data can result in an infringement of discriminatory patterns. This data transparency possibly incorporates the effects of human prejudices towards cities that are highly at risk.

Positive Effects on People

The advantage is that because of this data transparency, the barangay officials and city executives can lead in reinventing how they can govern and plan for the better. And by inviting residents to fully participate in local government, they are injecting a much-needed infusion of trust into the City Hall. Their cities will be more inclusive and equitable because of it.

Engaging with People

The local government offices and the general public can reach out to Lorax through different means they want to edit, delete or export their data. The people can reach out to Lorax’s contact numbers, (032) 383-2193 (landline) or +63 947-788-6466 (cellphone number). If they wish to use Facebook, they can reach Lorax through www.facebook.com/helloimlorax.

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