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Lorax Assistant Lorax assistant

The Philippines' data-driven bot for local government.

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Lorax is an app that can help Philippine local government on household level surveys from demographics, social to housing which can then automatically provide descriptive analysis and a map data visualization.

  • Community-based monitoring platform
  • Real-time insights
  • Digitized submissions from city offices
  • API ready

Accelerate local sustainable development.

The problem in pushing for sustainable development lies with not having enough data availability or it is under-utilized.

With data as a visual form of infrastructure, imagine that roads help us reach destinations, with better data infrastructure, it will help reach better decisions towards bringing more balanced development in a city or country.

Lorax assistant believes that with local government, they can be the forefront of reinventing how we govern for the better.

In partnership with

  • Davao City
  • Open Data Institute
  • MDEC

Lorax assistant is far from perfect, for it to help the public, private sectors, and even national agencies, it needs to be implemented to more local governments, as their partnership with the assistant will initiate a data revolution.

Change the country. Change the world.

Many people believe in the Philippines and its abundance of happiness, biodiversity, and life. This work is also dedicated to a vision -- that in the future, Philippines will be a global leader in innovation, technology, and sustainability.

Dedicated to students, startups and researchers.

Data has always been an essential tool when students are working on a thesis, startups are developing a groundbreaking idea, or researchers trying to analyze the City’s social, economic and environmental take. The problem. Often, there’s no data available or requesting of data is very challenging. Though data can work two ways, it could be used for good or bad like everything else, but it will definitely bring more good; most especially to aspiring students, innovative startups, and breakthrough researchers.

They are the ones who will continue to make the world better.